Payer Alerts

Automated and immediate notification of payer policy and procedure changes

Keeping up is a challenge when shifting affiliations, mergers and acquisitions, payer mix, and new products have increased the pace of change in recent years. 

Healthcare organizations that don’t stay current on payer policy and procedure changes risk payment delays and lost revenue. Payer Alerts is a simple and convenient way to monitor modifications while minimizing their impact on the bottom line. Available through Experian Health’s online portal and a daily email digest, timely alerts provide immediate access to changes posted on more than 50,000 web pages by more than 725 payers.

Key features and benefits

Get specialty-specific insight

Alerts are offered in four different categories—administrative, clinical, reimbursement and pharmacy. Designed to be read in a matter of seconds, each alert delivers an overview of the latest changes so you can quickly make adjustments, without bogging down staff or impeding workflow.

Streamline operations

Easily sort, filter, and search for alerts pertinent to your organization, and identify payment trends by code, date or, specialty. Further drive efficiency by delivering targeted information to appropriate staff members.

Negotiate more favorable terms

When combined with Experian Health’s Contract Manager and Contract Analysis solutions, Payer Alerts helps providers better prepare for contract negotiations. With the use of Payer Alerts, you’re able to determine the financial impact of a proposed or historical policy change dictated by a payer to negotiate accordingly. 


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