Optimize Pre-Service Revenue Cycle Processes

Experian Health’s patient access offerings enable providers to successfully engage patients at the point of service, which ultimately leads to more robust revenue cycle management efforts that result in less risk, increased collections and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Coverage Discovery®

Find hidden or missing coverage to reduce bad debt write-offs

Identity Verification

Validates patient address, Social Security number, date of birth and more to help reduce claims denials, expedite reimbursement and reduce return mail rate.

Passport Authorizations

An automated, online authorization management service that facilitates the prior authorization inquiry and submission processes

Passport Eligibility

Streamline the insurance verification process using sophisticated search functionality and data intelligence

Passport Medical Necessity

Validate clinical orders against payer rules for medical necessity, frequency limitations, duplication orders (CCI) and more

Passport NOA

Automate and integrate required Notice of Admission (NOA)

Patient Financial Clearance

Determine which patients potentially qualify for financial assistance and which have the propensity and likelihood to pay prior to treatment

Patient Estimates

Web-based pricing transparency tool to create accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service


Paperless sign-in that relieves registration congestion while tracking wait times and documenting where the patient is sent after registration

Payer Alerts

Automated payer policy and procedure change notifications

Payment Security EMV

Help prevent fraud and provide patients with the ability to pay with EMV chip enabled credit cards


An efficient, automated payment solution to help secure payment at the point-of-service

Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score

Provides a multi-layer portal security solution, leveraging identity and device intelligence to protect medical identities, both during enrollment and every portal access request thereafter.

Registration QA

Automatically launches insurance eligibility real-time, stores the information and identifies registration inaccuracies at the earliest point in the revenue cycle

Universal Identity Manager (UIM) and Enterprise Identity Manager (EIM)

Enables the exchange of information across the healthcare ecosystem and internal systems, and achieves interoperability to combat the complexities of matching and managing identities within and across your healthcare network.

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