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Experian Consultant Profiles

Our business consultants are made up of former business leaders and consultants who have years of “real world” experience working in the markets and industries we serve. They have lived through many of the challenges facing clients today. 

This practical experience combined with industry forethought, global best practices, deep problem solving acumen and a common consulting engagement methodology give us the ability to serve our clients with the industry’s leading team of consultants.

Cherian Abraham

Cherian Abraham Experian Global Consulting PracticeWith over 15 years of experience,  Abraham brings a deep understanding of mobile and emerging payments industry and trends, helping financial services and retailers to develop and execute on  strategies to increase market penetration and creating customer centric solutions for the digital channel.


Andrew Beddoes

Andrew Beddoes Experian Global Consulting PracticeWith nearly 15 years of experience, Beddoes has the unique ability to understand how predictive models can be used in decision strategies to transform analytics into customer treatments.


Jeff Bernstein

Experian Consultant Jeff Bernstein

With 30 years of experience in collections and an extensive consulting background working with global clients in banking and financial services, Bernstein is highly sought after for his insight into leveraging data, technology and processes to improve the ability to identify risk and mitigate losses.


Didi Frohardt

Experian Consultant Didi Frohardt

Frohardt has a strong sense for best evaluating workflows and designing custom project plans for implementation of new strategies and processes to maximize credit lending practices and operational efficiencies.


Jon Hudson

Experian Consultant Jon Hudson

With more than 20 years experience in credit risk management, Hudson offers Experian clients consulting services that mitigate consumer credit risk by managing everything from customer acquisition and account management to predelinquencyand collections.


Shannon Lois

Experian Consultant Shannon Lois

Lois oversees Experian’s Global Consulting Practice for North America. She is involved with every client project to uncover the client need and ascertain how Experian consulting expertise, combined with our product suite, can benefit clients.


Jacqueline Maybaum

Experian Consultant Jacqueline Maybaum

Maybaum has an impressive track record of generating revenue and mitigating losses for her clients through her hands-on experience driving credit risk, marketing, collections and high-risk account-management strategies for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.


Joel Pruis

Experian Consultant Joel Prius

Pruis is dedicated to delivering programs to his clients that increase productivity and profitability and provide financial services organizations with the tools to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market.


Armando Ramos

Experian Consultant Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos brings more than 30 years of experience in the credit industry, with in-depth knowledge of information technology (IT), data center operations, workflow management and direct-marketing strategies. He serves Experian clients as a trusted adviser by providing strategies and guidance on how to improve operational efficiencies through workflow management and process improvement software for managing the consumer credit life cycle.


Alexandra Siotos

Experian Consultant Alexandra Siotos

Siotos, works with clients in the financial services industry to integrate the right solution into their collection process with the goal of improving operational efficiency and shortening collection time.

Robert Stone

Experian Consultant Robert Stone

With a passion for establishing strong client relationships built on mutual trust and respect, Stone counsels a diverse client base, from credit unions to the largest international banks and government agencies.


John Straka

Experian Consultant John Straka

Straka counsels mortgage-lending banks, government agencies, and other financial institutions on ways to mitigate risk, grow their business and increase returns. He offers a global perspective to produce an immediate positive impact for clients. Straka provides timely insights and ideas on industry trends.


John Taylor

Experian Consultant John Taylor

John Taylor provides financial services organizations with effective strategies to attract, retain and manage profitable deposit customers. His deep expertise in credit risk and marketing analytics can help Experian clients grow their deposit business with more targeted cross-selling, greater customer loyalty, reduced deposit losses and enhanced revenues.


Craig Wilson

Experian Consultant Craig Wilson


With more than 18 years of real-world experience, Wilson provides practical advice and products and services based on firsthand knowledge of the issues facing Experian clients. His strategies have been successfully deployed to maximize profitability at a number of large blue-chip organizations.



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