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Uncover hidden opportunities

Identify opportunities others miss with directly measured data, frequent updates and actionable consumer insights

The Wealth Insight Services difference

Wealth Insight ServicesSM provides banks, broker dealers and life insurance carriers with the most comprehensive, timely and flexible view of household wealth and consumer behavior. Our offering is uniquely positioned to enable marketing, strategic planning and business development professionals to grow revenues with existing clients, pinpoint promising prospects, optimize marketing spend, sharpen business strategies and increase market share.

Verified consumer wealth

Wealth Insight Services is the only provider of household wealth statistics leveraging verified direct-measured investor data reported monthly by more than 850 financial institutions. This gives you a competitive edge over financial institutions relying on incomplete internal data, or outdated and self-reported measures of wealth subject to sampling and response bias. Our solutions provide you with the most granular and reliable view of a household’s total investable assets enabling you identify opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell, discover new prospects that closely match your most profitable customers and develop predictive models for non-FCRA applications.

Freshest wealth data available

Whether you need monthly, quarterly or semi-annual data updates, Wealth Insight Services products provide the most accurate picture of your customers’ and prospects’ evolving financial profile, allowing you to respond to competitive activity, allocate resources effectively and take advantage of timely market opportunities.

Comprehensive view of consumers

Wealth Insight Services leverages more than 1,600 consumer-profiling attributes to provide the most actionable insight into consumer needs and behaviors. Its data assets include detailed household measures of wealth, investment-portfolio characteristics, risk tolerance, income, demographics, psychographics, credit, purchase behaviors, media consumption, real estate, automotive household statistics and much more.

Unmatched data granularity

Whether you want to target customers or prospects with $100,000, $100 million or $1 billion in investable assets, Wealth Insight Services products provide unparalleled data granularity allowing you to find opportunities that others miss.

Ensure regulatory compliance

We understand that you need flexibility to respond to changing regulatory pressures. Because our source data is not tied to demographic characteristics, we have ample flexibility to modify our models and algorithms for different applications and regulatory requirements.

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