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Data security and accessibility

Secure and seamless data optimizes revenue potential

Given the nature of our work, data protection is a critical component of success. We take it as our responsibility to be a world-class data steward of your personal and sensitive information. Experian works diligently to protect our systems and you from:

  • Data loss and damage
  • Loss of customer loyalty
  • Impairment to your brand image
  • Costly reissue of customer charge cards

Experian continues to invest in and maintain the highest level of data security at our North American data center, unlike many other organizations that have scaled back on such measures due to recent economic constraints. Forfeiting any control inherent in the outsourcing or offshoring of such an operation is not a part of Experian’s data security standard. As defined by the Uptime Institute, Experian’s data facilities rank in the most secure tier for reliability and uninterruptible availability. We protect your most important assets — your customers — and, in doing so, help support your brand image and revenue potential.

The power of 24-7 access

At Experian, we’ve gone beyond the highest infrastructure standards to make your data accessible the instant it is required. This provides you with the confidence to change with your marketplace on any given day and at any given moment. Business continuity is a cornerstone in today’s business environment. Let Experian provide you with the power of 24-7 access in a world of insight.

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