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Navigate shifting regulatory requirements

With increasing scrutiny of the financial services industry and evolving consumer protection and privacy regulations, remaining compliant is a top priority. By finding a partner who can help you make the right type of contact at the right time, you can better develop a robust compliance management strategy.

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Develop more effective treatment strategies

By leveraging data and debt collection predictive analytics, you can gain a more complete view of existing and potential customers to better determine associated risk and enhance your overall decisioning. Accurately identifying individuals through a combination of data sources and determining their propensity to pay will allow you to spend more time on difficult and complex cases.

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Optimize your existing processes

It’s more important than ever to quickly sort through data and connect with the right consumer at the right time via the right channel. With debt collection analytics, digital communication tools, and AI and ML processes, you can enhance your collections efforts, allowing you to more easily engage with consumers, eliminate barriers and increase response rates.  

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Differentiate your collections efforts with debt collection analytics that empower your organization to see the complete behavioral, demographic and emerging view of customer portfolios through extensive data assets, advanced analytics and platforms. By moving away from a linear collections approach to a value-based approach, you can prioritize your debt collections activities and maximize collections efficiencies.  

Collections optimization

Contact the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

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Make smarter decisions for higher recovery rates with our innovative debt collection analytics and insights

Leverage technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to improve your collections strategies

Maximize resources

AI tools, such as chatbots, text messages and website portal negotiators can provide real-time customer care and self-service opportunities. Automating processes can reduce human error while alleviating stress on call center agents.

Effectively reach consumers

By applying debt collection analytics and machine learning, you can identify the most promising contact channels while developing digital channels to define innovative and regulatory-compliant contact strategies.

Reduce operational risk

Debt collection predictive analytics allow you to identify which customers are behind or struggling with their repayments. Additionally, you can predict which new customers might fall into a high-risk group and establish an individualized treatment strategy that suits their needs.

Frequently asked questions

Collections analytics allows your organization to see the complete behavioral, demographic and emerging view of customer portfolios through extensive data assets, advanced debt collection analytics and platforms. An analytically driven collections model will allow you to score and segment customer accounts by exposure, risk, behavioral factors, willingness to pay and preferred contact channel. With collection analytics, you can prioritize your collections activity and better allocate your resources.  

Collections strategies demand diverse approaches, which is where debt collection analytics-based strategies and collections models come into play. As each customer and situation differs, machine learning techniques and constraint-based optimization can open doors for your organization. By rethinking collections outreach beyond static classifications (such as the stage of account delinquency) and instead prioritizing accounts most likely to respond to each treatment, you can create an improved collections experience.

Customer engagement is one of the most critical aspects of a collections program. Only effective technology, modeling and analytics can move you from a linear collections approach toward a more customer-focused treatment while controlling costs and meeting other business objectives. Debt collection predictive analytics and machine learning represent the most important advances in collections. Furthermore, powerful digital innovations, such as better criteria for customer segmentation and more effective contact strategies, can transform collections operations while improving performance and raising customer service standards at a lower cost.


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