Email Insights is a collaborative email service, compatible with any email service provider (ESP), that helps marketers gain insight and intelligence into their email subscribers’ behaviors and activities. Gain a complete picture of your email subscribers by linking traditionally siloed databases and insights such as in-store shoppers, loyalty program members and mobile app users, to your email marketing list. Through actionable intelligence from participating members you’ll glean insight into:

  • Global email activity, including aggregated open and click data
  • Optimal day of week, time of day and device preference
  • Performance comparisons with industry averages
  • Demographics, psychographics and interests

Combining cooperative and third-party append data can dramatically increase your ability to segment and target your email content to improve relevance, drive enhanced engagement and encourage reactivation.   Through Email Insights three core modules, you receive a wealth of information to identify active subscribers within your inactive list, helping you develop strategies to re-engage them.   

To learn more about how Email Insights’ core modules can help you:

  • Identify up to 40% of active emails within your inactive list
  • Improve campaign click throughs by an average of 50% using additional demographic insights
  • Increase customer spend by up to 40% using targeted emails

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