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The 2013 big data planning guide for marketers

The 2013 big data planning guide for marketers

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Database Services

Successful cross-channel marketing relies on integrated and quality data and insights. However, customer data traditionally resides in various, disparate databases spread across a marketing organization’s platform. This often results in a fragmented view of the customer and execution of marketing messages that are not nearly as optimized or as coordinated as today’s customer now expects and demands. Building on a heritage as one of the founders of the database space, Experian Marketing Services’ is committed to top tier database services as an integral component of the cross-channel marketing platform, offering marketers a solid foundation of reliable and quality customer data that supports their cross-channel marketing initiatives.

When you leverage Experian Marketing Services’ Database services, you gain:
  • Enterprise technologies: Regardless of your deployment model, Experian Marketing Services can handle the scale of your customers’ transactional and engagement histories.
  • Flexibility beyond deployment models: Experian Marketing Services turns the power of big data into useful, real-time decisioning applications, accepting and transforming any form of structured or unstructured data.
  • Cost efficient operations: Experian Marketing Services ensures low costs for standard care and feeding, using blends of automated data integration and management technology, experienced client facing teams and scale and efficiency of near shored capabilities.

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