We are living in uncertain times and consumer behaviors are shifting quickly and frequently in response.  As consumers day to day lives are changing, so are their needs, concerns, spending patterns and outlook for the future. 

Experian is providing free access to research insights around the shifting consumer sentiment as a result of COVID-19. Based on permissioned consumer survey data, the dashboard is updated daily and representative of US consumers across all regions and demographics. It can provide you with a deeper understanding of how consumers are being impacted by the pandemic and how that is changing their behaviors across four key industries, including automotive, financial services, healthcare, and retail, as well as their media consumption habits. The insights from these dashboards can help your organization:

  • Prioritize your communication efforts
  • Ensure your messaging resonates and is empathetic
  • Activate your message on channels being used most
  • Understand where to focus marketing efforts based on sentiments unique to each geography

Whether you’re in the automotive, financial services, health or retail industry, Experian is here to help you better understand the challenges your customers are facing in order to effectively reach them with communications for resources that matter most.

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Access the US Consumer Sentiment Dashboards

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