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Experian Health Awarded 2014 Best in KLAS, Patient Access

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Emory Healthcare

“With Experian Health, we not only identify underpayments and hold the payers accountable to their contract terms, but we also are transparent with patients on their out-of-pocket responsibility and collect more timely payments, nearly eliminating bad debt.”

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Experian Health Ranks 44 On The Healthcare Informatics Annual HCI 100 List

Testimonials and Case Studies

Clients describe in their own words the difference Experian Health has made in helping their organizations overcome payment challenges, transform revenue cycle management processes and improve financial performance.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Brandon Burnett

Experian truly understands our business, and the relationships we've had with the Experian team over the years have been extremely valuable.

St. Louis University/SLUCare

Alyce Lanxon

Experian is a leader in knowing where the industry is headed…looking forward, monitoring the industry, and taking the pulse of its clients and what their current needs are.

Altru Health System

Stan Salwei

Experian’s partnership with us is important because they have an array of tools from the front and to the back, and that give us a global perspective.

Everett Clinic

Iwalani Paquette

We chose to partner with Experian Health because we had received very good references from other organizations with whom we are affiliated.


Brent Grimes

Experian is one of the few companies we rarely refer to as a vendor…we refer to Experian as our partner, and there's not a lot of people we do business with you can say that about.

Washington University School of Medicine

Julie Parsell

Each payer has a different set of rules and Experian is one of the only vendors that was able to mimic the payer’s specific reimbursement policy.

Tufts Medical Center Physician’s Organization

Lori Hamel

Experian Health has helped us with increased revenue by identifying variances in underpayments by the payers.

Jefferson University Hospitals

Jennifer Brady
Experian has an all in one component; they have everything a healthcare organization needs to succeed.

Sansum Clinic

Julie Martin
We probably have about a $2.6 million dollar savings since the implementation of Experian.

Duke University Medical Center

Timothy Daye
The reason we chose Experian Health…is because of their knowledge and expertise around the physician billing cycle and understanding how physician services are billed and reimbursed.

Webster Orthopedics Medical Group

Stephanie Gill
What I value most about my relationship with Experian Health is the peace of mind it gives us.

Universal Health Services (UHS)

Paige Popp and Mike Ziff
We’ve managed to collect over $1 million dollars since we’ve implemented Open Balance Display in a little over 10 months.

UT Medical Group

Cheril McGinnis
"Experian Health products and services have helped us not only financially, but have also increased our credibility with our physicians and payers."

Jefferson University Physicians

Merle Charlton
"I have been doing this for 21 years. We have installed a lot of software and worked with a lot of vendors and I would say without question, after working with Experian Health, I have not dealt with a more knowledgeable team in anything we have done so far."

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

Kayleen Jackson
"The first thing we did was implement Payer Alerts, which has helped us a lot in letting us know the changes within each payer’s rules and regulations."

State of Franklin Healthcare Associates

Amanda Clear
"Our relationship with Experian Health is excellent. With the Experian staff, I feel confident in submitting a support ticket or even reaching out to my account manager for help on any issue."

OrthoTexas Physicians and Surgeons

Tracy Dean
"By working with Experian Health we have seen an increase in revenue. We are able to find things that get our claims out correctly the first time and avoid back-end edits."

Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Spine Center

Michael Newcum
"What has impressed me the most about Experian Health is the staff. They know understand the revenue cycle; they know what contract language is; the little nuances in things that we have to deal with everyday – they understand all that."

Altru Health System and INTEGRIS Health
"By leveraging Collections Optimization paired with other Experian Health patient access solutions, we’ve improved our ability to respond to the rise in self-pay."

Baylor College of Medicine
"Experian Health provides accurate data that allows us to successfully challenge issues with payer contract performance, negotiate better contracts and promptly capture patient fees."

Emory Healthcare
"With Experian Health, we are easily and accurately able to monitor payer compliance, identify and appeal underpayments, reduce patient bad debt and help boost satisfaction and overall collections through eligibility estimates, ultimately improving overall revenue cycle management processes."

Medical College of Wisconsin
"We definitely achieved our objectives; our group has a great partnership with Experian Health."

Montgomery County Hospital District
"The financial load has been lightened, and the staff is no longer spinning their wheels. We can now make a difference in every account that is touched."

Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio
"Experian Health has raised the level of expectation for effectively auditing and recovering payments."

Premier Health
"With OrderRite, we have expanded the pre-certification process with our own staff and eliminated the expense of outsourcing it."

Sansum Clinic
"Experian Health is an invaluable asset to Sansum Clinic. Its solutions give us peace of mind that we are collecting accurate payments from both payers and patients in a timely manner — and just as important, we know our revenue cycle is performing at its very best as a result."

Scripps Clinic
"Experian Health Contract Management allows us to identify true appeals opportunities and provides us with the tools to collect underpayments."

State of Franklin Healthcare Associates
"With Claim Scrubber, I have the ability to go into the system and create my own edits. Other systems either didn’t accommodate customized edits, or required you to call, perhaps pay a fee and go through a long process."

Texas Oncology
"The continued level of support that we receive is what really stands out about Experian Health."

Texas Orthopedics Sports and Rehabilitation
"You think you are being paid correctly, but when you get the data out on the table you find out you are not. It’s impossible to maintain this amount of information manually."

University of Physicians Network and WVU Healthcare
"I can’t comprehend how any healthcare provider group operates without staying abreast of payer policy changes that will directly impact income. Providers should be able to avoid policy-related denials. In today’s market, it’s money you can’t afford to miss."

University of Alabama Health Services Foundation
"With Experian Health, our practice has been able to streamline administrative processes and improve workflow while maximizing reimbursement opportunities."

University Physicians – University of Missouri, Columbia

“Everything is much easier to access with Experian Health By looking at payment trends, we can easily discern which contracts to renew and which to renegotiate. With this data in hand, we finally have the peace of mind that we’re getting paid what we’re owed — a key benefit for administrators and clinicians alike.”

UT Medical Group
"With Experian Health’s suite of revenue cycle solutions, we have been able to improve both front- and back-office processes while enhancing the performance of our contracts and increasing profitability."

ValleyCare Health System
"Since implementing Experian Health Patient Identity Verification, we’ve improved the accuracy of patient demographic information throughout ValleyCare Health System. More valid data up-front means better revenue cycle results on the backend."

Washington University
"I think that [payer alerts and the need for effective time management] really go along well together because it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s very useful in a way that you can quickly look at [the alert] and immediately know if you need to make a change."

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