Healthcare Speakers Bureau

Our experts available for industry events

Welcome to the Experian Health Speakers Bureau page. Below is a list of categories about which our highly seasoned experts can present at local, regional and national events. Many of these individuals began their career on the healthcare provider or payer side, so they understand the revenue cycle management challenges your organization is facing and how best to overcome them. Our presentations include best practices, provider client success metrics, lessons learned, thoughts on future healthcare landscape changes and recommendations for the future. 

General Healthcare/Industry Trends

  • Healthcare Consumerism and the Generations
  • What defines value
  • Innovations in Health IT
  • Ransomware


Care Management

  • Reduce readmissions and manage episode/post-acute costs
  • Maximize Medicare reimbursement, minimize Medicare penalties and, hopefully, earn bonuses
  • Profit at bundled payments
  • Maximize commercial reimbursement
  • Actively manage high-cost clinical episodes of ACO members

Claims and Contract Management

  • Improve operational and financial performance using revenue cycle data and analytics
  • Integrate denials analytics into workflow and financial improvements
  • Optimize payer contracts to drive service line financial success
  • Proactively manage payer policy changes

Data and Analytics

  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Ensures accurate reimbursement by analyzing workflows and optimizing activities
  • Creates and monitors revenue cycle KPIs around pre-service, point-of-service, post service, denials, etc. to provide data points needed for process optimization
  • Maximizes return on investment in Experian Health revenue cycle products
  • Drills down to the staff, department, and service levels to uncover insightful details
  • Enables the calculations of HFMA Map Keys and NAHAM Access keys for true peer-to-peer benchmarking


Identity Management

  • Comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use Stage 2 security requirements
  • Reduce risk during enrollment and ongoing access to healthcare portals
  • Provides reassurance to patients that their personal health information is being protected
  • Strengthen security with multi-layered portal security, including credit data, noncredit data, device intelligence, scores and analytics
  • Provides protection and security without burdening patients with increased wait times and complexities


Patient Access

  • Improve patient satisfaction with a streamlined order and financial clearance process
  • Decrease delays in payment and eliminate lost orders
  • Achieve coverage and demographic certainty as well as registration quality assurance, bolstered by custom alerts to identify changes
  • Improve financial performance and expedite patient payments by estimating patient financial responsibility for current care and outstanding account balances prior to service
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by preparing patients for out-of-pocket costs and connecting them to financial assistance or new coverage where applicable
  • Strengthen security using the only point-to-point encrypting card and check readers in the healthcare industry

Patient Collections

  • Create tailored collections strategies for optimal financial performance
  • Analyze effectiveness of in-house and agency letters and all treatments
  • Take each patient’s financial standing into account to create a patient friendly collections approach
  • Identify coverage and assess propensity to pay for self-pay accounts
  • Process invoices more quickly with corrected patient demographic information


Patient Engagement

  • Enhance patient satisfaction with secure online patient portal
  • Reduce bad debt and help patients prevent medical bankruptcy through social media fundraising
  • Eliminate phone calls with self-service for insurance changes, estimates, requesting lab results, charity care and payment plans
  • Simplify billing experience with up-to-date account information, including claim status and EOBs
  • Reduce printing and mailing costs with paperless billing


Women in Health IT

  • Empower and inspire women to set and reach professional goals and provide the environment to achieve them
  • Provide equal presence, impact and influence for women at all levels across healthcare organizations
  • Keep pace with changing demographics while maintaining and accelerating our ability to attract and retain women leaders
  • Increase the visibility of women leaders internally and externally, while providing targeted developmental career opportunities in order to retain and advance women leaders
  • How to create a Women in Health IT initiative in your own organization