In-house fraud management

Protect your customers from evolving fraud threats.

Manage and reduce fraud loss while protecting the customer experience. Catch fraud faster and ensure compliance with in-house fraud management solutions

Enhance and improve:

Fraud prevention and mitigation

Customer experience

Operational efficiency

Reduce risk across fraud and compliance by speeding the time-to-market with new, future-proof tools and strategies

Deploy a multi-layered fraud detection system and fight fraud fast. Make more informed decisions and fast-track authenticated customers.

Drive top-line growth and operational efficiency by reducing false positives that cause customer fallout and avoiding needless referrals. With built-in strategy design and workflow flexibility, you can adapt to the evolving risk environment faster than ever before.


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  • Quickly and accurately authenticate customer identities in a single platform.
  • Dramatically decrease false positives and acquire more profitable customers.
  • Create, execute, and manage fraud strategies without increasing the need for IT involvement.
  • Gain a holistic view of customers to ensure effective decisioning treatments.
  • Respond faster to new and rising fraud threats in real-time.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership associated with new fraud tools.

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Digital device identification allowing your users access to a highly configurable risk engine, intuitive and configurable user interface, rich analytics, and data enrichment capabilities.


Fraud prevention platform featuring open, plug-and-play functionality enabling your business to fight fraud fast while scaling effectively and optimizing decisions across the customer life cycle.

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