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Today’s solutions require a layered approach, where different technologies are being used to ensure that a transaction can move forward, one of these layers is digital device intelligence. Our tools can help you reduce long term attack rates, identify fraud patterns quickly, and help detect BOT activity, all while protecting your customer experience.

How it works:




It is common for fraudsters to change IP addresses, delete cookies, or mimic settings on their pc or browser and present data that they have received illegally. The good news is that fraudsters, or bots, typically behave abnormally, for example, using one device for many transactions, or manipulating a device to facilitate and attack on an account owner’s device.

With Experian device intelligence, you can now detect that a device has been infiltrated with malware, identify if the credentials used do not match with the device, and see irregularities in actions performed through the device to help protect against these fraud attacks faster.

All identification is frictionless and covert, as to not disturb your customer experience, and effective across all digital channels including: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, ect. An investigator workbench is available if your team needs to dig deeper and automatically performs link analysis between multiple devices used by a consumer to access an account.



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Digital device intelligence solution to help you view suspect events, make informed decisions, and perform link analysis.


Smart, open, plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services to manage your entire portfolio.

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