Financial services can improve risk-monitoring efforts through the use of Experian's anti-money laundering products.

  • Complements the anti–money laundering product suite by adding a scoring capability at the acquisition phase of the account opening process.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) platform to help existing and new clients improve efficiency in the customer onboarding process and in ongoing risk-monitoring efforts.
  • Easy and efficient way to create a risk model that will calculate a score based on different factors, as defined by each financial institution.
  • Can be implemented for a centralized compliance department, for account executives and for branches to streamline the onboarding of new customers.
    • Data can be used simultaneously to assign different risk values to the different factors. For example, the same country table can be used to assign risk to the customer’s nationality or residence.
    • Multiple risk models can be created, allowing clients to evaluate various types of customers with different questionnaires and at different stages.
    • The risk elements are integrated into the risk model and weighted to the value desired by each client.
    • The risk elements can be marked as “triggers,” allowing positive customer information to automatically maximize risk values.
    • The system evaluates the customer at the time of account opening and throughout the Customer Life Cycle.

The product allows the creation of an extensive catalog of elements of risk, based on information in ASSIST//ck 7.0, and also customer-defined fields not within the software.

Customer scoring for onboarding and for ongoing risk assessment

ASSIST//Customer RiskSM is a flexible and robust module that complements the ASSIST//ck® 7.0 anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring platform and the ASSIST//ck Score Module.

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These customer risk management products are particularly helpful in the acquisitions phase and beneficial throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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