Lessen the impact of risk on your business and maximize opportunities for growth

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline your organization’s processes with data, analytics, and model development and deployment for a competitive edge.  

Maximize portfolio value

Minimize risk and optimize your consumer and commercial portfolios with customer risk management solutions, advanced analytics and data. 

Expose potential fraud

Protect your portfolio from fraud while reducing friction at point of sale with comprehensive data and market-leading risk mitigation tools and technologies.

Maintain compliance

Stay compliant with key laws and regulations and manage data and reporting requirements while enhancing your credit risk strategy.  

How we can help

We help your organization protect your consumer and commercial accounts.

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Model risk management

Use our best-in-class methodologies and expertise to meet model risk management and regulatory requirements.

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Fraud risk management

Fight fraud and protect your customers with our insights and solutions.

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Credit risk

Develop and deploy models and strategies powered by data and analytics to mitigate credit risk.

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Portfolio risk management

Maximize account potential while minimizing account risk within your portfolio.

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Automotive vehicle history

Get greater insight into vehicle history to better assess and manage risk.

Save time and money and prevent serious threats to your portfolios

Stay proactive and mitigate risk at every stage in the lifecycle with our industry-leading risk management solutions.

Acquire the most profitable customers

Our solutions can help your organization increase profitability by pinpointing risks associated with individual accounts with comprehensive data and advanced credit risk analytics. 

Identify fraudulent applicants

We can help you detect and stay ahead of fraud in its early stages with our sophisticated tools and analytics. Keep fraudsters out while enhancing the customer experience.

Streamline customer acquisition and underwriting

Use our customer risk analytics and risk management solutions to streamline your onboarding and decision-making process for smarter, more efficient and cost-effective decisions in real time.

Augment your current governance processes

Lend more fairly and better manage governance to meet the latest regulatory requirements while aligning with your organization’s model governance standards.  

$11 billion

The amount Experian helped clients save in fraud losses globally in 2022

$43 billion

Total losses due to identity theft and fraud in the U.S. in 2022

2.4 million

Total number of consumer fraud reports in the U.S. in 2022


of organizations have experienced fraud in the last two years


Customer risk assessment refers to the process of evaluating the potential risks involved in providing services to a specific customer. This assessment is vital for understanding the customer’s nature, their financial transactions, credit history and the potential risk of illegal activities such as fraud, identity theft or money laundering. It enables organizations to implement necessary controls and helps in decision-making strategies.

Customer risk management involves identifying, assessing and mitigating the potential risks associated with an individual or commercial customer. It extends beyond just financial transactions, encompassing all possible threats that might arise from a customer relationship, including credit risk, operational risk and reputational risk. The objective of customer risk management is to safeguard organizations from potential losses or damage. It aids in creating a risk profile for each customer, which guides organizations in making data-driven decisions and informed risk management strategies.

There are various types of risk mitigation tools that play a critical role in customer risk management. Common tools used to help organizations analyze, control and mitigate risk include:

  • Credit risk scores – Measure and predict risk through credit scoring models.
  • Attributes – Capture a more detailed customer view with credit attributes.
  • Custom models – Enhance predictive power with risk models built for your specific use case.
  • Automated decisioning software – Efficiently manage risk analysis and management with digital tools that streamline processes.

These risk mitigation tools can help businesses better manage potential risks and implement control measures more efficiently.


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