Identity link analysis

Use unique customer PINs to gain insights and detailed linkage analysis

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Use a single-customer view to achieve insight into consumers and businesses to maximize returns and minimize risk

As a recognized expert in managing vast amounts of consumer and commercial data, we deliver industry-leading insight and linkage proficiency through our services. Utilizing the advanced search, match and database management tools embedded in our consumer and commercial credit databases, we assign a unique identifier to your customers and provide detailed linkage analysis.

We provide the ability to connect the relationships between consumers with your business’s portfolios and segment linked accounts by firmographic and commercial credit attributes. By housing consumer and commercial identities under one roof, we’re able to provide greater assurance when we indicate a consumer or business is legitimate.

Creating a single-customer view allows you to reduce friction, increase cross-sell opportunities and improve your collections efforts.

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Turn complex data into actionable insight

Make the most of your data by using our advanced analytics to provide insights and identity linkage.

Maximize Insight with a single-customer view

Understand customer identification differences that may slip by traditional models, such as multiple addresses, shared Social Security numbers and married vs. maiden names, shared tax IDs, legal vs. doing business as (DBA) names, and authorized business representatives.

Understand applicant relationships

Determine whether an applicant has an existing or prior relationship with your businesses, so you can make better offers and decisions. 

Identify risk every time

Map current accounts to delinquent accounts in other lines of business to identify dollars at risk.

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