Accelerate patient payments with our integrated solution

A recent PYMTS study showed that 63% of patients said they would leave their healthcare providers due to a “bad payment experience.”

The fact is, today’s patients expect a fast, frictionless payment system. This puts health systems at risk of lost patients, fewer acquisitions, and staff burnout from tedious, repetitive paperwork tasks.

Let us help you establish better patient payment experiences:

  • Provide easy, hassle-free payment options
  • Identify patients at risk of non-payment
  • Offer personalized payment plans and recommend financial assistant programs

Collect patient payments faster

Adopt IVR, mobile, kiosk, and patient portal options for easy payments.

Establish safe payments

Eliminate payment card data exposure with point-to-point encryption of cardholder data for every transaction.

Manage risk

Determine payment risk and recommend the right financial pathways.

Save time

Enter financial data fast by auto-populating a patient’s account history.

Saratoga Hospital Client Testimonial

How does offering payments 24/7 from any device affect patients and health systems? See how easy it was for one health system to integrate patient payment services and realize a 50% increase in POS collections.

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Payments captured by PaymentSafe® in 2022

Hear from our clients

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Yale New Haven Health elevates the patient financial experience

Read how this prestigious healthcare system overcame its lack of tools, training, and technologies to achieve its pre-service excellence goals.

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Blessing Health System embraced integrated revenue cycle solutions

Read how Blessing Health System decreased denials by 27% and increased their clean claims rate from 63% to 90%.

How PaymentSafe® works

Take the hard work — and guesswork — out of collecting patient payments by streamlining the disjointed collection process.

  • Incorporates data from multiple channels throughout the patient’s financial journey
  • Identifies and solves payment challenges with actionable data reporting and insights
  • Serves as core payment engine with our Patient Access platform, eCare NEXT®, and our Patient Engagement solutions

Read more on how PaymentSafe helps you avoid bad debt and collect revenue earlier in the collections process.

Patient payment resources

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The right patient payment software can accelerate your collections while creating a more satisfying patient experience. Here are the top five ways.

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How to calculate patient responsibility in medical billing

When it comes to determining a patient’s medical bill, there’s no room for error. See how revenue cycle management tools capture eligibility and benefits data so you can optimize your collections process.

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[White Paper] Healthcare Payments Predictions

Touchless payments. Mobile options. Today’s consumer expects a robust digital experience. Read now to make sure your organization is ready for the future of healthcare payments.

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Provide 24/7 online scheduling to reduce call times, gaps in care, and time to collect.

Patient Financial Clearance

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Prior Authorizations

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Patient Financial Advisor

Send patients accurate cost estimates and easy payment options so they can financially prepare for their appointment.

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