Payments Predictions White Paper

The future of consumer payment technology and what providers need to know

Healthcare Payments Predictions

Everything is viewed through the post-pandemic lens; payments and collections are no different. It’s one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19’s “touchless” expectations and we make some predictions on changes that are coming to the payment space.

Today’s healthcare consumers want to pay their medical bills anywhere, anytime. They’re looking for estimates, payment plan options and payment mechanisms to be at their fingertips across multiple channels. They can pay for almost anything they desire from their laptops and mobile devices, so why should healthcare be any different? 


  • Cash and check payments are in steep decline
  • Consumers think healthcare payments are the hardest to manage
  • Trends point toward more payments being made at or before point of service
  • The efficiencies of digital enablement are significant
  • A poor payment experience detracts from an outstanding care experience

All of these trends and facts influenced the predictions in this paper. Nothing is certain, but as far as predictions go, these are very likely to happen. Is your organization ready?

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