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Discover how an Experian business consultant can help your organization strengthen your credit and fraud risk management strategies and processes.

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How can our consultants help you?

Experian’s business consultants provide clients with exceptional strategic credit risk management insight, detailed enhancement opportunities, and deployment strategies. They ensure consistency through deep business subject matter expertise, client familiarity and a proven client engagement methodology.

We build a strong partnership with our clients, at all levels, to deliver a balanced portfolio of improvements and needs close to the relationship to ensure implementation plans are delivered and benefits are realized.  Clients are left fully equipped and empowered to enhance and sustain profitability and focus in their business.   

Clients request Experian's consultants to help them enhance credit management strategies across their consumer and small business portfolios and the customer lifecycle.

Who are the Experian consultants?

Experian's credentialed consultants are dedicated to creating measurable and sustainable value for organizations around the globe in financial services, banking, mortgage, automotive finance, telecommunications and utilities, microfinance, retail credit, and debt collections. 

Our consultants specialize in analytics-based decision strategies, data-driven solutions, regulatory compliance and fraud risk management across acquisitions, customer management, collections and overall portfolio management.

We have clients in more than 50 countries and offices in more than 15 countries, delivering more than 700 engagements worldwide with a rigorous focus on quantifiable benefits. Our business consultants are consistently measuring, analyzing and interpreting data across markets. This results in unparalleled industry and peer benchmarking intelligence that can be used to benefit organizations across the globe. We capture project learnings and best practices across regions and translate this information into valuable global benchmarking used to drive innovative thought leadership in key markets.

  • Increased client's revenue by 25%
  • Reduced our client's market costs by up to 10%
  • Reduced our client's attrition and churn by up to 25%
  • Increased collections effectiveness for our clients by up to 35%

Our business consultants have deep knowledge of data, analytics and software and have demonstrated the ability to synthesize this intelligence with the deep understanding of credit management principles and practices to solve our clients complex business needs.

Business Review

A business review helps clients identify value creation opportunities.  Experian has established a highly effective methodology for evaluating opportunities to improve the return on investment, assess the organization’s capacity to deliver these opportunities and identify any additional capability that might be necessary to fully realize proposed benefits.  

Strategy Design

A strategy design helps clients create decisioning segmentation strategies and associated actions in support of their strategic goals and key performance indicators.  Several different techniques and approaches are used from data driven and empirically derived methodologies to optimization and expert design practices.

Strategy Review

Consulting is an on-going element to ensure your customer decisions continue to add value to your business.  A strategy review helps clients continue to realize value by improving and refining existing decision strategies.   

Experian’s business consultants have delivered more than 700 engagements worldwide with a rigorous focus on quantifiable benefits, helping clients achieve their business goals. Here are a few of their stories:

Business Review:
» Success Story:
Major Money Transfer Service

» Success Story: Major U.S. Retailer

Strategy Design:

» Success Story: Collections

» Success Story: Major Internet Retailer

Strategy Review:

» Success Story: Retail Bank

» Success Story: UK Retail Bank

Add your story to our success list. Contact one of our consultants.

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