Risk Management Tools

Risk management tools support the implementation and execution of risk assessment programs and are critical in protecting your business. To manage credit risk, it’s imperative that you have systems and tools in place to identify, analyze and prioritize threats to your portfolio.

However, before selecting a tool, risk managers need to obtain a clear understanding of business processes. Your tools must align with your key processes in order to support your organization. Experian® makes several risk management tools designed to accomplish this.

Prevent fraud

One way risk management tools can safeguard your business is by helping prevent fraud. To catch fraud before it even occurs, verify applications and authenticate business customers. ASSIST//ck® from Experian can help you detect money laundering, monitor transaction trends and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Manage portfolio risk

Manage portfolio risk with custom scoring models. Mine your portfolio for revenue opportunities, speed up application processing, and enhance your collection strategies. Experian offers a variety of bureau scoring models to help you identify the best prospects, the most creditworthy customers and the most profitable recovery opportunities. Our comprehensive suite of broad-based and industry-specific bureau scores allow you to make objective and consistent customer evaluations.

Mitigate credit risk

Risk-management tools also can help you mitigate credit risk and avoid losses by identifying potential threats early on. With Credit Migration SolutionsSM, you can identify changes in consumer credit behavior, detect changes in credit scores and balances, and retain and grow profitable customers.


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