Risk Management for Banks

From security threats to regulatory scrutiny and market volatility, banks constantly must fend off numerous sources of risk. Failure to manage these risks properly can be extremely damaging to a bank’s reputation and financial health. Because of this, risk management is of paramount importance to financial institutions.

Experian® offers clients a range of products, services and expertise designed to help address financial risk.

A big-picture view of your risk exposure

Gaining a comprehensive view of the risk present at the account level is critical to managing your loan portfolio. This requires close monitoring and response to significant changes within your customer accounts. Account Monitoring ServiceSM helps banks detect such negative trends in order to reduce delinquency and bad debt.

Streamline decision making

Not all decisions or application approvals require individual review. In fact, manual review can be inefficient and leave banks susceptible to judgment errors and oversights. With automated decisioning systems like DecisionIQSM, you can establish efficient and objective business rules to help make fast, consistent credit decisions.

Know your customers

Manage fraud and identity theft better by detecting fraudulent activity as soon as it happens. With Precise ID®, you gain complete insight into an individual’s identity, which allows you to protect existing customers, meet regulatory obligations and reduce losses.