Financial Risk Management

Managing financial risk poses a significant challenge for many organizations. This challenge is perhaps even greater for financial institutions and other businesses that deal with highly sensitive personal information. It also raises many questions.

How can you best manage exposure to risk? What guidelines should you put in place to mitigate fraud threats? How can you stay compliant with consumer privacy regulations?

Experian® can help answer these questions and offers several products designed to address financial risk.

Authenticate customers’ identity

Detecting fraud in its early stages requires strong identity authentication technology. By proactively verifying customer identity, you can minimize application fraud and its associated costs. You also can flag valid but high-risk accounts to make sure they are treated appropriately. Experian’s Precise IDSM mitigates risk by providing valuable insight into an individual’s identity. You can leverage this insight to identify new credible customers, protect existing customers and meet regulatory obligations.

Monitor your customer portfolio

Evaluate and mitigate risk by monitoring your account portfolio. By viewing changes to customer profiles when they happen, you can take immediate action. Experian’s Account Monitoring ServiceSM detects negative trends, allowing you to minimize delinquency, bad debt and losses.

Reduce risk from commercial accounts

Gaining visibility into a business owner’s current and former business relationships can uncover hidden risks. With Business Owner Background ReportSM from Experian, you gain a 360-degree view of a business owner’s affiliations, liabilities and creditworthiness.

While you can never truly eliminate risk, the above products and financial risk management strategies can help you manage it effectively. Learn more about managing risk by reviewing our other risk management products and services.


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