Big Data Analytics

The era of Big Data has arrived. The amount of enterprise data, and the rate at which it’s being accumulated, is rising exponentially. The proliferation of mobile devices, artificial intelligence, Web analytics, social media and other types of emerging technologies is creating new data streams that only add to traditional data stores, such as transaction records and financial data. 

Big Data offers a frontier of opportunities that allow businesses across all industries to improve everything from their marketing and customer service to their manufacturing and product development. Yet along with these opportunities comes a unique set of business problems. There are the obvious challenges of storing and accessing large data sets, but the bigger challenge lies in bringing together and interpreting disparate types of data. The value of Big Data isn’t in simply amassing huge amounts of information, but in extracting actionable insights through deep analysis of that data.



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Consulting Services
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Big Data In Effect At Experian

For most businesses, Big Data is a new buzzword. At Experian, Big Data is part of our DNA. Beginning with our roots in credit data, Experian® has a long history and deep expertise in managing and analyzing large volumes of data. Through this expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients manage their data, improve decision making and better market their products. Experian DataLabs, utilizing Big Data, effectively identifies and aligns solutions to address likely future enterprise needs. Find out how you can leverage Experian’s expertise in Big Data to help you grow your business.

How Experian Helped Williams-Sonoma Improve Customer Acquisition

Big Data at Williams Sonoma


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