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Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Simmons® GreenAware segmentation system

Simmons GreenAwareTM is a green segmentation targeting system designed to help you win in a marketplace estimated at $500 billion in 2008.  The GreenAware segmentation profiles include not just behavior but also attitudes, opinions, lifestyles and media usage.  Based on the distinctive mindset of consumers towards the environment, they can help marketers better understand four distinct consumer segments: 

  • Behavioral green segment: This group of people thinks and acts green.  They have negative attitudes towards products that pollute and incorporate green practices on a regular basis.
  • Think green segment: This group of people thinks green, but does not necessarily act green. 
  • Potential green segment: This group neither behaves nor thinks along particularly environmentally conscious lines and remains on the fence about key green issues.
  • True brown segment: They are not environmentally conscious, and may in fact have negative attitudes about environmental issues.

The GreenAware segmentation system can be profiled against more than 500 product categories, more than 8,000 brands, more than 600 psychographics and all mass media in the national consumer study and SimmonsLOCAL.

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