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Consumer Insights Improve the Relevancy and Results of Your Offers

Consumer market research insights let you develop more focused and effective marketing campaigns to acquire customers. Experian® offers an extensive portfolio of consumer market research tools such as syndicated market surveys and consumer-reported data, including studies that provide valuable insights into the Hispanic, teen and gay and lesbian markets. We also have prospect market research information for mail order consumers and new media users, so you can reach specific consumer segments.

Improve marketing efforts to acquire customers with the following consumer market research tools:


Target consumers by behavior instead of demography. Learn more about how the television viewing behavior of certain consumer sectors — using Nielsen and Simmons-reported market research data — enables you to determine your most profitable consumer segments.

Beverage Consumer Study

Evaluates the drinking habits of the gay and lesbian demographic.

Custom Solutions

Get exclusive access to detailed payment information. The report is exclusively for Small Business Credit Share data consortium members. It expands on the Business Profile Report with in-depth 36-month payment history on financial relationships and trade lines.

Experian Simmons DataStreamSM

Spot and respond to market-moving indicators as they occur. This market research tool delivers the breadth and depth of the syndicated National Consumer Study in weekly trend analyses and is the first of its kind.

Express Request

Resolve disputes on your customers’ personal credit reports in just one to two business days, with the results immediately reflected in the customer’s credit score.


Improve marketing strategies by learning what drives traffic to your competitors' websites. Hitwise provides access to daily online usage — see how 10 million Internet users in the United States interact with more than one million Web sites across more than 160 industries.

Multi Media Engagement Study

Match your brand advertising and specific message strategies to the most appropriate media properties preferred by your target market by identifying the link between your consumers’ advertising attention, receptivity and level of engagement with a media vehicle’s content.

National Consumer Study

The most comprehensive syndicated consumer market research survey of its kind that provides you with more than 60,000 data elements.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Teen Study

Get in-depth consumer market research on a key group of major spenders. The Simmons Teens Study is a comprehensive, continuously-measured sample of approximately 2,200 teens (English and Spanish-speaking) that lets you tap into an influential consumer segment and build brand equity early in the customer relationship.

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