Access to Over 110 Million Households and 14 Million Businesses

Watch your business grow with telemarketing and direct mail lists.

Customer Segmentation

Identify prospective customers matching your business objectives using specialized research, market surveys, psychographic profiles and analytics tools to segment audiences. By creating more targeted and relevant messaging for your offers, you'll improve your customer acquisition ability.

Cleanse, Merge, Purge and Suppress Unwanted Data for Better Results

Maximize response to your direct marketing offers by making sure you have accurate mailing information. Experian offers direct marketing tools such as data cleansing tools, suppression software to help you select only targeted customers for a specific offer and database management systems that share consistent data across all business units.

Improve your direct marketing efforts with the following tools and services:

Address Hygiene

Increase accuracy, deliverability and response to your direct marketing campaigns with our portfolio of data cleansing products and services.

Address Verification

Verify contact address data rapidly and accurately at the point of data entry. Experian QAS software can ensure customer data integrity, decrease address-correction charges and reduce the amount of returned mail.

Experian� Housefile RefreshSM powered by Truvue�

Provides periodic database cleansing, which results in more accuracy and improved direct mail campaigns. Plus, its data integration technology builds internal matching capabilities across your databases so you can share data throughout your company.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), target high-spending consumers and accurately estimate a consumer’s spend on all general purpose credit and charge cards over the last 12 months.

Financial PersonalitiesSM - Marketing Based

A new generation of category-specific campaign targeting and tailoring tools for financial services marketers seeking to improve the performance of their campaigns. Financial Personalities is the only campaign targeting and tailoring system of its kind in the marketplace today.


Run your acquisition campaigns more efficiently by eliminating duplicate records and improving address quality.

Postal Optimization

Spend less on postage and maximize deliverability of your mail with our address verification services.


Connects your database directly to Experian's consumer and commercial data assets and data hygiene processes. It then generates a variety of decisioning results based on lifestyle, attitudes, demographics, life events and custom models.

Customer Acquisition

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