Meet the Panelists

Meet the panelists

  • David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, IAB *moderator 
  • Louqman Parampath, Chief Product Officer, Roku
  • Jon Whitticom, Chief Product Officer, FreeWheel
  • Eric Bosco, Chief Product Officer, Nielsen
  • Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk
  • Aimee Irwin, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships, Experian 
panelists speaking

Hear what these experts have to say about the evolution of TV and video

The IAB’s Chief Executive Officer, David Cohen, moderates a discussion with leaders from across the digital ecosystem about the evolution of TV and video. Participants discuss strategies around planning holistic digital and linear campaigns, standards and definitions around measurement and the marketplaces that are emerging for today’s ever-evolving landscape. 

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