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With AdTruth, digital identification issues are no longer inhibiting your ability to engage your audience throughout their digital journey. Our 10 years of device identification expertise has culminated with a solution that opens tremendous new opportunities for the digital industry, which ultimately delivers a more relevant experience to end users.

Benefits of AdTruth for the entire digital ecosystem

  • Customer data protection
  • Facilitating a consolidated view of consumers
  • Platform agnostic – keep your existing technology
  • Aligned with global consumer privacy standards
  • Works across emerging technologies
  1. Ingests and recognizes all forms of identification data you pass into the system.
  2. Fills in identification gaps in your data by leveraging AdTruth’s statistical device recognition technology.
  3. Links the identification assets from steps 1 and 2 by applying configurable matching rules, reconciling the information to correspond to the consolidated data assets.
  4. Activates the data assets in all marketing technology platforms you work with, giving you a consolidated view of your digital audience.

About AdTruth

AdTruth empowers the world’s most progressive brands to identify, link and engage audiences across all digital touch points, enabling a true, consolidated and actionable consumer view that is aligned with consumer privacy standards globally.

The entire digital marketing ecosystem benefits from leveraging AdTruth’s technology, which provides digital identification resolution to expand cross-device reach, reconcile overlapping audiences, and more precisely measure marketing programs, all while protecting data assets and ultimately increasing ROI.


Comprehensive identification

  • Identify consumers across devices, access methods and sessions
  • Use statistical IDs together with your deterministic data
  • Link identification data assets to provide increased visibility


Cross-device visibility

  • Use your own data to activate
  • Understand relationships between devices
  • View users at household or individual level


Privacy and data secure customer engagement

  • Privacy-focused solution has ability to extend consumer choice across environments
  • It’s your data. Own it. Use it. Protect it!
  • Make data actionable across all technology platforms

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Digital Identification Resolution

As consumers interact with their devices throughout the day, marketers are left with a fragmented, disjointed, partial view of their digital audience. Consumers end up being represented as multiple, misunderstood identities, leaving marketers with inefficient, ineffective marketing programs.

With AdTruth, marketers are able to leverage all identification data available, link it together and make it actionable with any marketing technology platform. AdTruth facilitates a cohesive view of the consumer across all digital touch points, enabling marketers to engage and communicate throughout the entire digital journey.

Transform a fragmented, disjointed, partial view of your audience into a cohesive, connected, complete vision.