Increase consumer confidence and achieve higher approval rates with prequalified offers

With Prequalification, you can increase return on investment by matching consumers with the right products at the right time. Prequalification is a consumer consent-based business model designed for businesses (internet lead generators, brokers, resellers, and lenders) who want to offer consumers insight into what products they qualify for, prequalifies them for credit in real time at the point of contact, and eliminates the requirement that the company make a firm credit offer. Prequalification posts as a soft inquiry, so it doesn’t impact the consumer’s credit score and only requires their name and address to get started.

Real-time qualified leads at the point of contact

Put consumers in the driver’s seat

A soft prequalification inquiry is posted to a consumer’s credit file and it doesn’t affect their credit score.

Engage customers at the point of contact 

Prequalification enables you to return customized prequalified offers and attract engaged and eligible consumers into the loan origination funnel.

Easily access prequalification services

Prequalification is accessed through the same method that you use to pull a credit report, such as our API Hub. If you currently pull credit reports, you will have no issues quickly and effectively implementing Prequalification.

Prequalify consumers without making a firm offer of credit

Learn how Prequalification enables real-time consumer-initiated credit screening

Prequalification services that deliver

We provide flexible options to prequalify consumers for credit offers.



With Prequalification, the lender receives the consumer’s credit report, data attributes, and/or risk scores. Lenders can then use the credit data to match the consumer to one or more appropriate offers.

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Premium Prequalification

Premium prequalification enables lenders to return a credit score and aggregated tradeline data to consumers. Lenders then use this information to determine which credit options the consumer qualifies for. Premium Prequalification requires additional consumer authentication services.

A robust solution for prequalifying consumers for credit offers

  • Driven by the consumers - Consumer initiates prequalification to determine their eligibility for credit offers and if they’d like to proceed with application 
  • No firm offer of credit required – Lenders can offer consumers insight into credit qualification without having them go through the formal credit application process  
  • Increased approval rates – Approval rates are higher during the hard inquiry since the consumer is already screened and matched to credit-appropriate products  
  • Quick integration –Lenders can access credit bureau (and other) data sources in real time through a simple API 
  • Multiple scores and attributes - Various scores and attributes can be returned on a report based on economic need or level of sophistication  
  • Flexible – Lenders can quickly and easily modify decisioning options as criteria, the market or regulations change over time
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Prequalify consumers in real time at the point of contact

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