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Businesses have more data and technology at their disposal than ever before. With so much data and processing power available, one would expect significant improvements in both speed and quality of customer service. However, the reality is that companies — particularly banks, large retailers and telecommunications providers that have millions of customer accounts — remain challenged to make the most of every customer interaction.

PowerCurve® OnDemand is a customer decision management system designed to address this challenge by increasing the value of every touch-point, for both the customer and your business. PowerCurve OnDemand helps create a win-win situation in which your customers get faster, more accurate decisions while business managers are able to drive higher revenue and reduce operational costs.

Improve the speed of customer decisions

PowerCurve OnDemand allows you to automate complex customer decisions, improving the quality of those decisions while reducing the need for manual intervention. This results in greater consistency and efficiency in your decision-making processes. Among the many applications of PowerCurve OnDemand, customers can obtain credit decisions, cross-sell offers, and pricing determinations in real time, often while at the point of sale.

Easy implementation

Thanks to its software as a service delivery model, PowerCurve OnDemand can be deployed quickly, with minimal up-front cost. Easy connections to credit reporting agencies and internal and third-party data sources ensure a more complete view of your customers. Additionally, PowerCurve OnDemand’s intuitive interface is designed for business users, so you can create complex decision strategies in minutes without coding or IT involvement.

Drive higher revenue while managing costs

The greater speed and decisioning power offered by PowerCurve OnDemand bring a multitude of business performance improvements:

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Better credit risk management
  • More cross-sell opportunities
  • Rapid response to changing market conditions

These benefits help drive increased revenue while lowering credit losses and costs. They also help you become a more responsive, customer-centric organization.


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