Business Decision Management

Business decision management systems enable companies to make better decisions and improve business performance. Financial institutions, telecommunications carriers, energy companies, healthcare providers and other organizations that need to process high volumes of customer transactions or decisions can benefit greatly from applying decision management technology.

Experian® leverages its expertise in information and data analytics to make advanced business decisioning systems that offer improved access to third-party data sources, better model deployment and flexible implementation options.

A Wide Range of Improvement Opportunities

One of the initial challenges in deploying a decision management system is figuring out which decision areas to focus on. Experian decision management systems can be applied to many business problems and customer decisions:

  • Credit approval/decline decisions
  • Initial pricing determinations
  • Credit line/limit amounts
  • Cross-sell determinations
  • Fraud determinations
  • Collections/Recovery treatments

Powerful Decisioning Engine

Strategy ManagementSM, the decisioning engine powering many of Experian’s decision management products, offers superior flexibility and allows business users to deploy business rules on their own (with little, if any, IT involvement). Users can launch new decision strategies faster, so you can respond to market changes and stay ahead of your competition.

Real-time Access

Our decision management systems offer real-time processing of customer decisions, so you can put the power of our enhanced decisioning engine to work in an instant — even while customers are at the point of sale.


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