Ian Jensen, Senior Director of Patient Access Services at Banner Medical Group, discusses partnering with Experian Health to provide patient estimates and keeping in compliance with the No Surprises Act. Patients are getting appropriate estimates faster, and Banner Medical Group has higher engagement scores. 

Pre-service, mobile-estimated patient responsibility solutions 

Looming regulation and consumer demands about the cost of care are driving a demand for meaningful price transparency.

Effective price transparency involves offering patients clear, accessible, and easy-to-understand estimates of their financial responsibility for services before they are performed. By empowering your patients with financial expectations, their feeling of control increases, improving their engagement and the likelihood that you will  collect payments faster and more efficiently.

Are you ready to offer transparency?

Benefits of implementing patient payment estimator solutions

Price transparency

Provide payment expectations before service or procedure and offer financial assistance options, including payment plans and charity options.


Improve patient experience

Easy-to-understand cost breakdowns delivered via a secure, mobile experience. Even offer the ability to make a mobile payment.

Increase point-of-service collections

Empower patients to make payments before their medical service. Whether on their mobile device or at the point-of-service for more efficient collections, convenience is key.

Eliminate manual estimate tasks

No need to manually upload price lists or make calls regarding estimates. Efficiency reduces your total cost to collect.

Blessing Health System client success story

How they increased patient collections and provide patient estimates that are 80-90% accurate.





Patient Financial Advisor delivers a mobile experience that provides patients with an estimated cost breakdown based on the provider’s payer contracted rates, real-time patient benefit information and provider pricing. It also provides methods to make a secure payment. 

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Patient Estimates

Web-based pricing tool that creates accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before, or at, the point-of-service. 

Download our product sheet for Medical Groups here

Patient Financial Advisor

Text-to-mobile experience, delivering estimated patient responsibility and payment options for patient services. 

Hear more from our patient estimate experts

Listen in as Riley Matthews, Lead Product Manager at Experian Health, discusses how healthcare providers can use Patient Estimate solutions to address and comply with the No Surprises Act.

Liz Serie, Director of Product Management for Patient Experience Solutions, discusses the value of providing patients with an accurate cost breakdown before their visit.

Patient estimate resources


How to add transparency to your billing process

All in, transparent pricing is an increasingly useful strategy to improve revenue alongside patient satisfaction. So, how should providers be using transparent pricing to improve the patient experience?


How data-driven technology can reduce surprise billing

Two-thirds of Americans are “very worried” or “somewhat worried” about being able to cover unexpected medical bills. No wonder, when around 56% say they wouldn’t be able to afford an unexpected bill over $1,000.


Presidential order marks major push for price transparency

While there is continued debate on the transparency topic, the good news is today’s data-driven technology can create a patient financial experience that is friendly, understandable and accessible.


How to make price transparency less confusing for patients

Saratoga Hospital uses Experian Health’s Patient Estimates, a web-based pricing transparency tool for hospitals, medical facilities, and physicians that tells patients the cost of services at a particular healthcare organization.

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