Listen in as Jaime Cleverley, President of Cleverley + Associates, and Riley Matthews, Lead Product Manager at Experian Health, discuss how a new partnership is helping providers comply with the Price Transparency Rule.

What is the Price Transparency Final Rule?

Price transparency is an over-simplified term. While the OPPS Price Transparency Final Rule (CMS-1717-F2) marks an escalation by regulators to influence a consumer-friendly (and familiar) experience, there is much more opportunity to make patient engagement truly “friendly.”

We know consumers overwhelmingly want to understand the cost of healthcare services, prior to services being performed. Transparency, beyond being regulatory requirement, is a significant improvement to the patient journey - benefiting not just the patient but the provider, which typically sees improved collections and patient satisfaction. 

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Meeting Price Transparency requirements in 2024: Are you ready?

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Price Transparency Update: 2024

There are five update categories to be addressed in the Price Transparency Final Rule in 2024.

Overview of the Final Rule requirements

January 1, 2024

  • .txt file in website footer
  • Price Transparency Final Rule web link 
  • Good faith effort 
  • Increase in assessment activity

July 1, 2024

  • CMS MRF template must be .JSON or .CSV
  • Include all required dta fields in template
  • Include attestation in MRF


January 1, 2025 (Will be required in MRF)

  • Estimated allowed amount 
  • Modifier
  • Drug unit of measurement 
  • Drug type of measurement

"Shoppable" is defined by CMS as a service that can be scheduled in advance. CMS has already specified 70 services. If you want to read more about the final rule or view the CMS list of 70 shoppable services, click here. Shoppable services can be found on page 190, Table 3. 

The standard file must include:

  • Gross charges
  • Cash price for self-pay
  • Payer-specific negotiated charges
  • De-identified minimum/maximum negotiated charges

Unpacking the No Surprises Act: How will it impact the provider workflow?

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Experian Health price transparency solutions

Patient Estimates

User-friendly, web-based estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service.


Secure online portal, giving patients the 24-7 control they’re looking for over their healthcare accounts. 


Experience fewer payment delays, less confusion, and minimal need for follow-up with POS eligibility solutions. 

Patient Financial Advisor

Offer real time estimates and secure payment methods with your patient's benefit information, payer rates and provider pricing in mind. 

Nicole Ready, Revenue Cycle Systems Manager, at South Shore Health and Michael DiCarlo, Sr. Advisor, Revenue Cycle Operations at Northwell Health, discuss how they deliver better patient experiences with Experian Health's Price Transparency solutions.

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Road to price transparency in healthcare

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Blessing Health System: Automated estimates

Blessing Health knew they needed to find a way to advise patients of their financial liability, as well as give staff a tool they could confidently use to request patient payments upfront to increase collections. 


Success at a glance: Silver Cross Hospital

With Self-Service Patient Estimates, patients of Silver Cross Hospital now have a consumer-friendly, easy-to-use and accessible path to obtain out of pocket cost estimates. 


How to add transparency to your billing process

All in, transparent pricing is an increasingly useful strategy to improve revenue alongside patient satisfaction. So, how should providers be using transparent pricing to improve the patient experience?

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