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for unsecured personal loans

Navigate the personal loan market with the right data and strategies

As the economy rebounds, the personal loan market continues to gain popularity, becoming one of the fastest-growing consumer lending segments today. Increased consumer confidence and the advent of online marketplace lenders are helping the personal loan space attract new and established institutions.


Most investors that want to enter this dynamic and profitable market do not have the historical data, knowledge or expertise needed to analyze the market and make sound investment decisions. But we can help.


We now offer investors and banking institutions a representative national sample of unsecured personal loan data that spans more than a decade. We developed the unsecured personal loan data set to showcase the unique data assets investors can leverage to successfully benchmark and navigate the personal loan market.



  • Research and analyze key characteristics of the unsecured personal loan market over the past 12 years.
  • Benchmark portfolios or tranches against industry views during up and down markets.
  • Identify desirable loan segments based on Premier Attributes and other criteria.
  • Conduct vintage analysis over the duration of the loan.
  • Track delinquency performance and understand the impact of a full recessionary economic cycle.
  • Capture all the risks of borrower’s ability to default and expected loss under stress scenarios.

Consulting Services

With an extensive background in modeling, banking, risk management and simulation, our business consultants can apply their industry expertise to help you:

  • Identify the right target population when entering new markets.
  • Design the right strategies for optimal results.
  • Implement and deploy solutions using automated platforms.
  • With model validation and stress testing

dv01 Partnership

(Read more about the Experian/dv01 Partnership)

dv01 is acting as a data warehouse for the Unsecured Dataset that Experian offers investors for modeling purposes. By standardizing, streamlining and integrating these data sets into its platform, dv01 makes it easy for investors to model performance, as well as find fast answers around origination trends.

Experian’s powerful credit data combined with dv01’s performance data on marketplace loans and portfolios allows institutional investors to surgically analyze risk and value based on borrowers’ credit performance. Borrower data allows investors to evaluate and analyze future performance in a way not previously possible, and this leads to smarter, more profitable decisions.

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