Trended 3DTM

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While traditional attributes provide valuable insight into a consumer’s behavior at a given point in time, trended attributes analyze a consumer’s behavior patterns over time. These time-series attributes unlock valuable information hidden within the credit report, such as, is their debt and spending increasing, have their credit lines been reduced, have they historically been a transactor but have now started revolving balances?

Trended 3D is our newest trended attribute set.  With over 2000 attributes, Trended 3D summarizes the 24-month history of five key fields found in a credit report: balance, credit limit or original loan amount, scheduled payment amount, actual payment amount and last payment date. These new insights can help you understand not only what a consumer looks like now, but also how they got there.


Trended 3D

Reveal Patterns

View consumer credit behavior over a period of time.

Gain Depth

Go beyond traditional credit reporting data.

Prioritize Activity

Proactively manage accounts before they go bad.


Product features

  • Understand the unique pattern of each consumer's behavior over time.
  • Expanded industry coverage to include a variety of installment loans, provides a more comprehensive view consumer migration behavior.
  • Includes newly introduced key concepts that are relevant to today’s lending environment.
  • Utilizes machine learning techniques to better capture variable interactions which previously have gone undetected.
  • Extensive attribute governance and continuous monitoring.
  • Developed by our team of statisticians and model developers that have a thorough understanding of credit data and have been working with trended credit data for over 20 years.


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