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Not your traditional data set


Making business decisions with limited data is a huge risk. When it comes to new or emerging businesses with thin or no credit profiles, lenders must be armed with the right data to confidently and quickly assess a business.

As a breakthrough, alternative data source for risk assessment, Social Media Insight leverages social data to help lenders build a more complete picture of businesses with thin credit files. More specifically, it will enable you to:

  • Lower your risks — Get a unique view into business health with over 70 predictive data attributes to help you assess and verify businesses more accurately and confidently.
  • Gain a significant lift in score performance — Boost risk model performance by 12% on an overall basis, and 91% for new and emerging businesses with little credit history.*
  • Grow your portfolio — Extend credit to more applicants so that you aren’t leaving money on the table.

For businesses that have thin credit profiles, a strong social media reputation can be a good measure of health. Social Media Insight aggregates social data that is directly sourced and turns it into predictive attributes:

  • Number of reviews revealing if the volume trend indicates sales growth or decline.
  • Unique business profile information, such as licensing, hours of operations, pricing levels, and more.
  • In depth business description that goes beyond standard SIC or NAICs codes, providing potentially critical information on the type of goods or services supplied.

Social Media Insight is available via batch, including archive files, and online via API.

  • Use archive data to evaluate the impact of social media data on your risk models and processes.
  • Utilize live data to make the best decisions with the freshest data available.

*Results based on an Experian DataLabs study with Experian’s Intelliscore model.

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