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Corporate Linkage is available in all Experian products, including:

Corporate Linkage

Linking Businesses and Empowering Decisions

Gain a complete perspective of a business's overall risk and structure by identifying relationships between business locations. Find areas of risk and opportunity as you build profitable relationships with your customers.

Understanding Corporate Linkage

Corporate linkage occurs when one business has financial and legal responsibility for another. Common linkage identifiers such as branch, headquarters, subsidiary and ultimate parent are used to clearly indicate the location type and relationship structure within the corporate family.

Experian® leverages unique data assets like the highest coverage on small and mid-sized businesses and unparalleled search and match capabilities to provide linkage on the largest corporate entities down to the small business with just a few locations.

Corporate linkage empowers businesses with:

  • Better-informed decisions and enhanced decision-making capabilities
  • Assessment of overall corporate exposure within a corporate family
  • Account penetration and identification of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Information to help meet "Know Your Customer" requirements
  • Ability to easily integrate into systems and replace other linkage vendors

Quality of Experian Linkage

To ensure the ongoing quality of our corporate linkage, Experian uses a multidimensional data model. This model uses:

  • Best-in-class sourced data
  • Powerful search and match rules to identify new family trees and expand existing families
  • Dedicated linkage maintenance team to monitor and update top corporate families

In addition, real-time database updates allow us to refresh family trees quickly when changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, occur. This ensures continued data accuracy and completeness.

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