Mitigate Commercial Credit Losses and Protect Your Organization’s Assets

Discover the Difference. Products and tools that enable a comprehensive commercial risk view.

  • 30 years of experience customizing commercial risk management models on both businesses and business owners to reduce risk and improve the bottom line
  • Comprehensive, third-party verified information on 99.9 percent of all U.S. companies helping businesses of all sizes diversify risk and identify profitable opportunities
  • Flexible pricing models accommodate different sized companies and budgets
  • A team of professionals who help customize the data and analysis you need to reach your organization’s goals

Identify the right tools for your business commercial risk need.

Whether you’re a large bank or a small manufacturer, you need to manage your risk, but you have special needs. Experian Business Information Services has the products and tools that can protect your organization. 

Monitor the health of your entire commercial credit portfolio at any stage of the Customer Life Cycle
BusinessIQ, a web-based risk-management portal that provides commercial credit analysis and monitoring of your entire credit portfolio at any stage during the Customer Life Cycle. Proactive credit alerts gives you real-time updates about the health of your accounts as well as a ranking in your customers’ credit profiles so that certain events, such as bankruptcy, can trigger importance for prioritized workflow and handling.

Try it. See for yourself the benefits. Free 30-day Trial

Try out BusinessIQ, our web-based tool, with a Free Trial for 30-days. See what you are missing and how your risk mitigation processes can improve.

Get a complete view of a company's credit risk in a simple to use report.
BusinessIQ Premier Profile combines important payment and fraud factors into a one single comprehensive report. The report highlights and details the critical decision influencers including payment performance, public record history and background information providing you the data and analysis you need to make the right credit decisions.

Access to a blended score that allows for a more holisitic view of the potential risk in extending credit or doing business with a company.
Intelliscore Plus save your company's resources and improve scoring with a quick and reliable risk management tool that can deliver a score on both the business and business owner. This type of blended score allows for a more insightful picture of the company as a whole, improving risk management. Custom scores built around your organization's needs are also available.

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