Updated: July 1, 2004

This policy applies to email addresses collected, used and shared by or through Experian Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Permission-Based Email Approach
We use a permission-based approach in our collection and use of email addresses. This means that on receiving appropriate notice of what information is collected, how collected information will be used and shared, and what choices you have regarding such use and sharing, you have agreed to receive email and/or direct marketing messages from us and/or our direct marketing clients.

How Email Addresses Are Collected
The permission-based email addresses that we maintain are collected by us or one of our business partners when you respond to an advertisement or survey; register for a newsletter, product or service; or enter a sweepstakes promotion sponsored by us, one of our affiliates or a business partner.

Our policy is to collect email addresses and other online information only from individuals that are 13 years of age or older.

How Email Addresses Are Used And Shared
We use your email address for marketing purposes. We may combine your email address with other information (such as demographic or lifestyle information) from our files and other sources. However, we allow only your email address or other information that it has been combined with to be used by us and others for marketing purposes. Marketing purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Sending you relevant email or direct marketing messages and offers from companies with whom you have a prior business relationship
  • Conducting surveys and other marketing research studies
  • Modeling and analysis

We provide your email address to our clients who have established a prior business relationship with you and have provided you with notice and choice regarding an email relationship. We require our clients to commit to the use of your email address in a manner consistent with the privacy notice you were given when your email address was collected.

We also obtain our clients' commitment that they will refrain from sending any email messages containing content that is, or may be perceived to be, inappropriate - for example, content that is pornographic, fraudulent, profane or disparaging.

We also may share or transfer ownership of the permission-based email addresses and other information we have collected if legally required to do so. In addition, such information may be transferred to a third party in the event of a transfer of ownership to a third party via acquisition, merger, sale of assets or otherwise.

You Have A Choice
You can choose to withdraw (opt out/unsubscribe) your permission at any time. In every email message we send to you, we will remind you of your option to withdraw your permission. We require all of our clients that receive email addresses from us or that send email messages using Experian's email delivery service to do the same. Please read Opting out of email for more information regarding the unsubscribe choices available to you.