Patient Self-Service

Consumers manage much of their lives online—let them manage their healthcare accounts online, too

Patients of all generations want to manage their healthcare finances on their own time, using the medium most convenient for them. Just as other industries provide easy, online tools for consumers to bank, purchase goods or book travel, more and more healthcare organizations are putting patients in the driver’s seat. Organizations that don’t risk losing patients to other providers.

Your patients are managing their finances, travel and education via the web. Now you can put the tools your patients need to manage their healthcare accounts at their fingertips as well. With Patient Self-Service, Experian Health’s secure online portal, you give them the 24-7 control they’re looking for.

Patient Self-Service connects patients with a consumer friendly, mobile-compatible self-service portal to generate price estimates, apply for charity care, set up payment plans, update insurance information, combine payments to hospitals and physicians, schedule appointments and even set up a fundraising page.

Key features and benefits

Help patients help themselves

With online account management and bill pay, Patient Self-Service allows patients to securely process payments, manage and even combine their healthcare accounts, request and review payment estimates and schedule appointments—all from a single interface. Our patient engagement solutions let you please your patients—and keep them loyal.

Get paid faster

Convenient access to Experian Health’s self-service solution means your patients are more likely to meet self-pay responsibilities. Quick access to pricing information and the ability to apply for financial assistance or set up payment plans online speeds collections. Your AR days are also reduced with Patient Gifting, a fully integrated Patient Self-Service tool that lets your patients raise funds online to help pay for medical bills. Patient Self-Service also integrates with our Patient Statements solution, allowing you to streamline the payment process with easy-to-understand billing statements featuring customized messaging.

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Connect patients with a consumer-friendly self-service portal so they can manage their healthcare finances easily, on their own time. Find out just how you can empower your patients, and increase your ability to more effectively and efficiently collect every dollar due.