Reduce denials with automated claims management

Processing claims is one of the top contributors to “wasted” healthcare dollars in the U.S. In a recent Experian Health study, 42% of industry respondents said they’ve seen denials increase in the past year, and nearly 75% of them said reducing denials is their highest priority. (Report: The State of Claims 2022)

See how our integrated products work together to automate your claims workflows and improve your healthcare claims management process.

  • Accurately and quickly submit clean claims for reimbursement
  • Decrease manual work through automation
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming rework


Increase productivity and expedite revenue by simplifying your claims editing and submission process.

Enhanced Claim Status

Accelerate claims follow-up by receiving an accurate adjudication status within 24–72 hours.

Denial Workflow Manager

Automate your denials process to maximize reimbursements and increase cash flows.

Community Medical Centers

Brandon Burnett, VP, Revenue Cycle at Community Medical Centers, shares how their organization took their long-time ClaimSource usage to the next level with AI Advantage™ to further inform denial prevention and to triage claim denials.

Summit Medical Group Oregon - BMC

How this central Oregon group worked used Enhanced Claim Status to decrease denials and achieve a 92% primary clean claims rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having a claims management solution is like having a claims expert on your team. It double-checks everything for missing info or incorrect codes prior to claim submission, preventing denials that waste time and money. Even better, our healthcare claims management solution continuously monitors payer policy changes, helping you put the right workflows in place to prevent denials before they happen. Streamlining this process means less time spent on paperwork and more time for what truly matters—providing excellent patient care the way it should be, face-to-face.

Imagine a world where you ditch the data entry struggle and multiple software juggling act! Integrated healthcare claims management is like having the ultimate all-in-one system. No more errors from duplicated entries, slow processing times or being in the dark about your claim’s status. A single, connected system gives you greater  visibility into your claims. This way, you can catch problems and fix them fast, reducing denials and keeping your cash flow healthy.

The right medical claims management can be a real money saver. Fewer denials mean you get paid quicker, and your staff doesn't have to do double the work. Plus, it saves your team time by catching errors prior to submitting the claim to the payer for adjudication. It's like having a built-in watchdog for your coding and billing, finding ways to save you money in the long run. Streamlining the process means less time spent making corrections prior to claim submission.

Keeping up with healthcare regulations can feel like running a marathon. The right healthcare claims software can be your trusty running buddy. They're constantly on top of the latest regulations, with built-in checks to catch any red flags before you submit a claim.. Knowing you're compliant frees you up to focus on what matters most—delivering top-notch patient care.

Indiana University Health

Read how IU Health processed $632 million in claims transmissions in one week after halt to operations

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The State of Claims

Latest survey results from 200 executive healthcare professionals to shed light on the current claims environment.

  • The top 3 reasons for claims denials increasing between 10-15%
  • Where organizations turn to for claims automation solutions
  • How claims ROI (return on investment) is determined across respondents
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Check out our summary of key findings from The State of Claims 2022 report.

Black Book™ 2022 top client-rated financial solution

Hospital claims management systems

216M +

Annual claims processed in 2021


Payer connections

Summit Medical Group Oregon - BMC

Read how this multispecialty health group reduced accounts receivable days by 15%.

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Claims management resources

best in klas 2024 banner

Experian Health earns highest KLAS ranking in claims management

As the healthcare industry grapples with labor shortages, rising costs and increasingly denied claims, effective revenue cycle solutions that improve accuracy and efficiencies are more paramount than ever.


4 ways to use AI and automation in your revenue cycle

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are the latest buzzwords in business innovation. But what do they mean, and how can they help your organization?

doctor on the phone looking at computer

5 benefits of automating healthcare claims management

Almost 3 in 4 providers stated that reducing claim denials takes precedence over other priorities. Read how automated claims management is allowing them to efficiently reduce denials.

business woman looking at her computer

5 steps to improving the claims adjudication process

“Is this claim valid? How much is our financial responsibility?” These are the two big questions payers want to answer when adjudicating healthcare claims. 

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