Meet Demand for Self-Service

Connect patients with secure, personalized self-service portals and mobile options to get price estimates, apply for charity care, set-up payment plans, combine payments to hospitals and physicians, and schedule appointments.

Patient Estimates

Collect up-front and help patients make informed decisions by generating accurate pricing for authorized services before or at point-of-service

Patient Gifting

Help patients raise money through online crowdsourcing to pay their medical bills from your hospital

Patient Schedule

Scheduling solution that provides a simple, convenient way for patients to schedule appointments online

Patient Self-Service

An online portal that enables patients to receive payment estimates, securely make payments and schedule appointments from their desktop or mobile device

Patient Statements

Simplify and customize patient billing statements and include important updates and messages


Provide your patients with a secure method of submitting payments online

Patient Financial Clearance

Assess and assign patients to the appropriate financial pathway based on likelihood to pay and their qualification for assistance to boost collections and satisfaction.

On Demand Webinar

You Can Book Flights Online – Why Not Medical Appointments?

Client Video

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital — Chris Lah

Chris Lah shares his insight around healthcare reimbursement challenges.

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