Healthcare Marketing Services

Understand and engage the healthcare consumer

Today’s healthcare consumers are at the center of healthcare transformation. They demand a personalized experience while using devices capable of monitoring their health, and are vocal if they are not satisfied with their service or care.

Connect with healthcare consumers

Healthcare organizations are being challenged to think differently about healthcare engagement. You must become consumer facing and expand your reach. You need to attract and retain patients for service line growth. Connecting with consumers by tailoring their journey is expected, so you must use data to predict health conditions and message effectively.

Get better acquainted with your patients

How well do you know your healthcare consumers’ needs? Ask yourself:

  • Do you know who your patients are?
  • How do build a relationship with them?
  • Can you improve their satisfaction and retention?
  • Are you providing personalized communications?

You need data and actionable insights to remain competitive in this new healthcare landscape. This is a new approach to most healthcare organizations, but it can be very exciting and provide an opportunity.

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:


Tap into the power of the world’s largest consumer database.

Mosaic® USA

The Mosaic USA proprietary household segmentation system makes understanding your patients easy. 


Communicate with your patient population on a personal level.


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