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Financial Assistance Manager

Improve Self-Pay Collections by Qualifying Patients for Medicaid, Charity and Government Programs

Experian Health Financial Assistance Manager is an automated, cost-effective tool that enables healthcare organizations to easily and efficiently determine which patients qualify for financial assistance.

Through the use of healthcare-specific predictive models, Financial Assistance Manager properly classifies patients based on their unique financial situation and identifies those who meet qualifications for Medicaid, charity programs or other government assistance so they can be immediately matched to the appropriate workflow. As a result, patient access staff are able to quickly produce any required documentation and automate the enrollment process, ultimately leading to reduced bad debt, enhanced patient satisfaction and improved self-pay collections.

HIX Screening and Enrollment

Using Financial Assistance Manager, healthcare organizations can identify patients who meet the income criteria for HIX subsidized plans and automate the enrollment process using a pre-populated state application form.

Financial Assistance Manager Also Allows Patient Access Staff To:
  • Automatically calculate discounts based on the organization’s unique charity or uninsured discount policy
  • Track charity program participants for easier auditing and reporting
  • Prioritize workflow for patient financial counselors
  • Focus Medicaid enrollment efforts only on those patients most likely to qualify for Medicaid or other government programs

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