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Business credit solutions overview

Trusting the businesses you hire.
Experian's world-class business database and scoring models enable you to better understand the credit worthiness of your customers and make faster, more effective business decisions. With more than 30 years of experience in business credit reporting, Experian has put its database of more than 18 million U.S. businesses to work for you.

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Searching our business database is free. Visit Experian's SmartBusinessReportsTM to access a range of easy-to-read credit reports with varying levels of detail and when no information about a business is available, there is no charge.

Business reports help you:
Decide whether to do business with a company
Quickly determine whether you can be confident about a credit decision concerning your new customer
Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases
Take the first step in reviewing your own company's credit file for completeness and accuracy
Learn how your company compares with others in your industry
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