Minimize losses and maximize the effectiveness of your commercial collections

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Advance your credit operations with Experian's BusinessIQSM a sophisticated, new Web-based portal that combines our expertise with your best credit practices in one central online location.

Recover debt and improve your collections

Ensure that you’re paid first with tech-savvy products designed to maximize your time and provide the most direct route to your money. Whether you are in the early, middle or charge-off stage of the collections process, Experian’s accurate data and up-to-date technology will help expedite collections activity while discouraging future delinquencies with strong incentives for repayment.

  • Business Collections SuiteSM
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    As creditors are tightening their credit policies and debtors are bringing accounts to delinquent status, Experian can help you find and collect from your customers before they pay others. Whether your portfolio is small or large, the Business Collections SuiteSM allows you to supplement your existing collection activities with a group of easy-to-use online tools. The suite enables you to research debtors’ contact information, locations and phone numbers and view a 90-day cross-trade payment summary, as well as target delinquent debtors with a notification letter on Experian letterhead. For detailed product information click here.

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