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Make effective decisions across the customer life cycle.

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With the PowerCurve platform you can plan and execute critical customer interactions all in one trusted solution.

Depending on the needs of your business, you may leverage the entire PowerCurve platform, or just focus on the area where you need the most help. This platform has the ability to make application decisions across multiple channels, enrich applicant data, and integrate with credit bureau data sources during the originations process. Once a customer is in your portfolio you can execute a coordinated set of account-level treatment strategies to effectively cross-sell and up-sell, proactively reach out to accounts with untapped potential or with increasing risk, and reduce customer attrition with targeted incentives. You have the flexibility to incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment, perform Champion/Challenger testing, and adapt and maneuver in changing environments. We know that customers can fall on hard times, when this happens you can leverage unified collections management capabilities. Data is combined from a range of sources to segment accounts and workflow assignments to drive specific, targeted, and proven collections actions, while remaining compliant.


Acquire the right customers with agility, flexibility, and insight


Grow customer portfolios with adaptive strategies, risk monitoring, and incentives


Accelerate your testing cycles and recognize early signs of market or portfolio change


Automated, compliant, and cost effective collections process to maximize profitability

PowerCurve can help you:

  • Gain flexibility with a modular design that will connect seamlessly to existing systems, avoiding costly customizations
  • Acquire and maintain profitable customer portfolios through credit limit increases and competitive pricing strategies
  • Meet compliance through a comprehensive knowledge of your customers and consistent policies and procedures
  • Complete regular customer reviews the detect early signs of increasing risk in your portfolio and take targeted actions to avoid delinquencies
  • Ensure maximum performance and effective decision management through strategy simulation and Champion/Challenger testing in an analytical environment
  • Enhance collector productivity through the development of personalized treatments that engage with the debtor early in the collections process

PowerCurve Originations

  • Simplify complex data from 300 data sources worldwide and make it actionable for profitable customer acquisitions
  • Control risk with improved decision accuracy, expanded view of risk factors, and earlier intervention
  • Business process engine that orchestrates end to end processes, offers support for multiple platforms, and is database agnostic
  • Vast library of existing bureau interfaces and deep expertise that facilitates acquisition of new data sources
  • Rapidly test and deploy strategies to quickly respond in dynamic markets
  • Integrated design studio for business processes, screen design, strategy management, connectivity, and enrichment

PowerCurve Customer Management

  • Make proactive and reactive limit increases based on overall customer and shadow limits. Automatically authorize extended credit limits for good customers
  • Customer-level segmentation that allows you to proactively reach out to customer who have accounts with potential untapped value
  • Reduce customer attrition by identifying customers at risk and assigning account-level incentives
  • Select from a range of dynamic report styles which self-configure to match segmentation characteristics and key performance indicators in your strategy
  • Ready-made strategy templates built with Experian’s knowledge and experience for specific types of credit risk decisions, such as credit line assignment
  • Time-saving drag-and-drop building blocks within your design environment to help quickly build out strategies by using reusable elements

PowerCurve Strategy Management

  • Tightly link strategy design with strategy execution and get quick, painless deployments and unmatched performance monitoring
  • Analytically driven decisioning that help you accelerate your return on investment and pace of improvement
  • Decisions and terms can be set and adjusted by the business user
  • Rapidly change monitoring as needed if new population characteristics; calculations, steps or KPIs are added to strategies during refinement cycles.
  • Drill down capabilities to examine why a particular segment might be associated with a higher than average bad rate or driving lower than expected profit
  • Optional assisted strategy design offering powerful, accessible analytics and advanced decisioning tree building capabilities

PowerCurve Collections

  • Operations and workflow design with workload allocation, case management, and automated treatments
  • Increase customer data accuracy to increase right party contact rates and enable individualized treatments
  • Access integrated reports and dashboards to ensure your collections processes are as efficient as possible
  • Design studio capabilities for effective configuration and deployments
  • Intuitive user interface that is responsive and context sensitive
  • Create personalized treatments such as high-touch outreach activities or a more automated, self-service approach

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