Migration capability that identifies changes in consumer credit behavior

Maximize your credit relationships with your customers and prospects as their credit behavior changes over time.

Credit Migration SolutionsSM monitors and compares a consumer's credit behavior changes over time to reveal how consumers are performing and how their profiles are changing. 

Features and Benefits

Experian’s Credit Migration SolutionsSM for Portfolio Management can help you maximize your relationships with customers as their credit behavior changes over time. This capability can be used to alert you to changes in consumer credit scores, credit balances, utilization and other attributes. Credit Migration SolutionsSM helps you retain and grow profitable customers while safeguarding your portfolio from high-risk consumer accounts.


To begin using Credit Migration SolutionsSM, first choose the desired migration thresholds and monitoring frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly) for each score and attribute to be monitored. Within Experian’s QuestSM product, an initial portfolio base line is established. The system then compares the base line with a similar file at the desired frequency. Scores and attributes that meet the threshold criteria are flagged. For subsequent comparisons, the similar file becomes the base line.

  • For batch-delivered Quest programs, the Credit Migration SolutionsSM elements will be appended and delivered within a defined output layout
  • For delivery with trigger notifications, the Credit Migration SolutionsSM data can be output directly through the Notification Services platform or optionally integrated with predefined hierarchies and cool-offs already set up for triggers and then delivered with regular output

Credit Migration SolutionsSM helps reduce losses and increase profits by enabling you to:

  • Cross-sell existing relationships more effectively by knowing when a consumer’s credit behavior changes — empowering you to make the right offer at the right time
  • Retain and expand relationships with profitable customers by understanding changes in their spending patterns and when they are shopping for credit
  • Minimize risk exposure by knowing when customers slip to new risk thresholds
  • Improve early stage collections with timely new intelligence about changes in debtors’ credit scores, balances, derogatories and other relevant data
  • Streamline your prospecting, other relevant data account management and collections processes

Improve efficiency and performance at every stage of the Customer Life Cycle with features that allow you to:

  • Set your own score and attribute thresholds, as well as frequency in executing your credit strategies for cross-selling, risk management, retention and collections
  • Monitor your own portfolio — or specific segments of it
  • Utilize accurate, reliable risk models to monitor score changes
Output Options

Migration type

Migration ruler

Output options


Value change

Increase/ Decrease

Dollars, number, percentage

Agregate balance of open bankcards less than $10,000
Percentage Change

Increase/ Decrease


Total bankcard percentage utilization plus or minus 25 percent

Condition is met


Persence of tax lien

For risk purposes

Identify your customers’ developing credit problems long before they affect your profit margin.

Challenge/Objective: Identify those consumers who are going bad before they affect your loss rate.

Resolution: Use credit migration data to assess a consumer at the profile level for certain behaviors.


  • Significant increases in balances and utilization ratios
  • Increased new open account activity
  • Measurable changes in total trade delinquencies
  • Dramatic shifts in score


For retention use

Do you know what your customers are doing right now?

Challenge/Objective: Recognize those consumers who are at risk for attrition before they move to another lender.

Resolution: Use migration data to assess a consumer at the profile level for certain behaviors.


  • Significant decreases in balances on specific trade types (i.e., bankcards)
  • Significant increases in balances on other trade types (i.e., home equity line of credit)
  • Increased inquiry and new open account activity (i.e., standard attributes)
  • Number of bankcard balance transfers within seven to 12 months

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