Precise ID®

Access identity services, analytics and decisions from a single platform

Fraud detection, identity verification and step-up verification.

Precise ID® enables financial businesses to pursue growth confidently by providing robust, real- time identity verification as well as the ability to accurately identify a wide range of fraud risks including identity theft, synthetic identity and first party fraud, along with tools that facilitate confirmation when risks are detected. The Precise ID platform provides users with flexibility to choose the best combination of fraud analytics, define identity verification policies and create step-up verification workflows that meet their specific business needs.






Precise ID can help you:

Managing fraud and identity risks while meeting consumer expectations is a heavy burden that requires the right set of tools.


Fraud detection and identity verification for confident growth.

Precise ID provides analytics, strategy development, and verification workflows to mitigate fraud loss.

Flexible fraud prevention to meet your needs

The Precise ID platform’s robust flexibility enables you to choose a set of solutions that meet your requirements from a data perspective, use fraud models that best suit your business needs, define ID verification requirements, and orchestrate step up verification that balances risk with customer convenience.


Precise ID® Model Suite

Precise ID® Model Suite includes individual machine-learned fraud risk models based on specific needs, data requirements and fraud risks that detect first party, third-party and synthetic ID fraud. 


Precise ID® for Compliance

Compare applicant identities to our robust and trusted consumer data assets, creating and consolidating results into an overall pass/fail outcome based on criteria defined by the user. 


Step-up verification solutions

Solutions include a one-time passcode for mobile verification, knowledge-based authentication for call center and other use cases, verification based on financial account ownership, and document verification through mobile image uploads. 


Identity Element Network®

Identity Element Network® delivers powerful insights to customers as a set of modeling attributes that help uncover patterns of abuse associated with both inconsistent and repeated use of different data combinations. Learn more.


How it works

Precise ID uses a proprietary search and match algorithm to compare consumer input data with our current and historical data related to the individual. Fraud risk characteristics based on consistency, velocity and frequency of identity use are captured and used to drive fraud risk scoring. Once these data-related processes and score calculations are complete, the business user’s criteria are applied to determine if the record meets their requirements or if our step-up verification is necessary. A final pass/fail decision is rendered, and the scores, attributes and other details of the transaction are returned to the business user. All this happens in real-time.  


Precise ID for robust fraud detection

  • Identify specific fraud trends using robust fraud detection from Precise ID models 
  • Improve overall approval rates through reduced applicant attrition 
  • Reduce vendor costs and technological complexity by using a single platform 
  • Differentiate between identity theft and first party fraud, and apply the right treatment for each 
  • Offer the right level of friction to mitigate business risk while providing a better customer experience  
  • Verify identity elements against OFAC and sanctions lists, and ensure clear model governance documentation 


Credit card issuer case study

By implementing an identity and fraud risk platform that layers identity verification, step-up authentication, and device intelligence capabilities, this credit card issuer was able to auto-approve more good customers, while alleviating strain on call centers. 

  • Increased automatic approval rate from 55% to over 80% 
  • Reduced call center handling time by 25% 
Link to study

Learn how to protect your business from fraud risk with Precise ID

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