Assess ability to pay with greater confidence

Experian’s Income Insight℠ and Income Insight Wage℠ models provide an estimation of income based on a consumer’s credit data, which can help you better pinpoint consumers with the greatest ability to pay, leading to enhanced offer refinement and more profitable decisions. Income Insight estimates total income, including wages, rent, investments and alimony, based on Form 1040 information; while Income Insight Wage estimates wage income based on W-2 information.

Make more profitable decisions across the consumer lifecycle

Enhance prospecting

Target the highest quality prospects with the greatest ability to pay. 

Improve underwriting

Utilize real-time income information to validate borrower-provided income. 

Strengthen portfolio

Increase revenue by identifying customers who have the capacity to take on additional debt. 

Leverage credit-based income estimation for greater insight

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Gain a clearer picture of creditworthiness

Enhance Income Insight with our complementary suite of debt and asset assessment solutions.


Debt-to-Income Insight and Debt-to-Income Insight Wage

Knowing a customer’s debt-to-income ratio can allow for more effective targeting and risk management. Debt-to-Income Insight℠ and Debt-to-Income Insight W2℠ models provide an all-in-one assessment of creditworthiness to improve your ability to identify which customers are at or exceeding their credit capacity. 


Asset Insight®

Asset Insight® is an asset estimation model built on bureau-exclusive predictors and verified data. With Asset Insight, you’ll gain a more holistic view of your consumers with an estimate of the amount of liquid assets a consumer has in interest-bearing financial accounts, including checking, savings, brokerage and money market accounts.  

Product benefits

  • Prioritizes potentially time-consuming and expensive income and asset verification processes 
  • Enhances customer targeting by providing a complete financial picture 
  • Improves risk-management efforts by enabling modeled debt-to-income ratios 
  • Segments defaulted borrowers to maximize collections 
  • Provides streamlined results through online credit reports and batch processes 
  • Complies with Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act regulations 
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